Alvin Cleared to Return to Service

TitleAlvin Cleared to Return to Service
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
JournalOcean News {&} Technology
KeywordsHOV Alvin (Human Occupied Vehicle)

After a 3-year overhaul and major upgrade, the US' deepest-diving research submersible, Alvin, has been cleared to return to work exploring the ocean's depths. The sub has been out of service since December 2010, undergoing a major upgrade that included the replacement of its personnel sphere with a newly fabricated, larger, more capable hull. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution operates the Navy-owned sub for the National Deep Submergence Facility on behalf of a consortium of universities and research organizations conducting deep ocean research. The Navy certified Alvin using its Deep Submergence Scope of Certification process, reviewing the design, construction, and materials used to ensure the vehicle performs as expected.