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Journal Article
J. Klose, Aistleitner, K., Horn, M., Krenn, L., Dirsch, V., Zehl, M., and Bright, M., Trophosome of the Deep-Sea Tubeworm Riftia pachyptila Inhibits Bacterial Growth, PLOS ONE, vol. 11, 2016.
I. Eichinger, Schmitz-Esser, S., Schmid, M., Fisher, C. R., and Bright, M., Symbiont-driven sulfur crystal formation in a thiotrophic symbiosis from deep-sea hydrocarbon seeps, ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY REPORTS, vol. 6, pp. 364–372, 2014.
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I. Eichinger, Klepal, W., Schmid, M., and Bright, M., Organization and Microanatomy of the Sclerolinum contortum Trophosome (Polychaeta, Siboglinidae), BIOLOGICAL BULLETIN, vol. 220, pp. 140–153, 2011.
I. Eichinger, Hourdez, S., and Bright, M., Morphology, microanatomy and sequence data of Sclerolinum contortum (Siboglindae, Annelida) of the Gulf of Mexico, ORGANISMS DIVERSITY {&} EVOLUTION, vol. 13, pp. 311–329, 2013.
C. Plum, Gollner, S., Martinez-Arbizu, P., and Bright, M., Diversity and composition of the copepod communities associated with megafauna around a cold seep in the Gulf of Mexico with remarks on species biogeography, MARINE BIODIVERSITY, vol. 45, pp. 419–432, 2015.
S. Gollner, Govenar, B., Arbizu, P. Martinez, Mills, S., Le Bris, N., Weinbauer, M., Shank, T. M., and Bright, M., Differences in recovery between deep-sea hydrothermal vent and vent-proximate communities after a volcanic eruption, DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS, vol. 106, pp. 167–182, 2015.
R. Degen, Riavitz, L., Gollner, S., Vanreusel, A., Plum, C., and Bright, M., Community study of tubeworm-associated epizooic meiobenthos from deep-sea cold seeps and hot vents, MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, vol. 468, pp. 135–148, 2012.