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Book Chapter
J. Edmond, Corliss, J., and Gordon, L. I., Ridge crest-hydrothermal metamorphism at the Galapagos spreading center and reverse weathering, in Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust, M. Talwani, Ed. Washington, D.C.: American Geophysical Union, 1979, pp. 383–390.
Journal Article
R. M. Haymon, Carbotte, S., Wright, D., Beedle, N., Johnson, F., Fornari, D. J., Von Damm, K. L., Grebmeier, J., Lilley, M., McLaughlin, E., Olson, E., Edmond, J., Perfit, M. R., Smith, M., Shanks, W. C., Lutz, R., Seewald, J. S., and Reudelhuber, D., Active eruption seen on East Pacific Rise, EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, vol. 72, p. 505,507, 1991.
E. Pacific Ri Group, Ballard, R. D., Craig, H., Edmond, J., Einaudi, M., Holcomb, R., Holland, H. D., Hopson, C., Luyendyk, B. P., Macdonald, K., Morton, J., Orcutt, J., and Sleep, N., Crustal processes of the Mid-Ocean Ridge, Science, vol. 213, pp. 31–40, 1981.
R. Haymon, Fornari, D. J., Von Damm, K. L., Edmond, J., Lilley, M., Perfit, M., Shanks, W. C., Grebmeier, J., Lutz, R., Carbotte, S., Wright, D., Smith, M., Laughlin, E., Beedle, N., Seewald, J. S., Reudelhuber, D., Olson, E., and Johnson, F., EPR crest erupts north of Leg 142 drillsite, JOI/USSAC Newsletter, vol. 4, pp. 4–5, 1991.
R. Haymon, Fornari, D. J., Von Damm, K. L., Lilley, M., Perfit, M., Edmond, J., Shanks, W., Lutz, R., Grebmeier, J. M., Carbotte, S., Wright, D., McLaughlin, E., Smith, M., Beedle, N., and Olson, E., Volcanic eruption of the mid-ocean ridge along the East Pacific Rise crest at 9 degrees 45-52'N: Direct submersible observations of seafloor phenomena associated with an eruption event in April 1991, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 119, pp. 85–101, 1993.