Newly upgraded ROV Jason: Bigger and better

TitleNewly upgraded ROV Jason: Bigger and better
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
JournalOcean News {&} Technology
KeywordsROV Jason (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

A major, {\$}2.4 million upgrade funded by the National Science Foundation has made the ROV Jason more capable than ever. This 12-month-long project, conducted by engineers at WHOI, which designed and built the vehicle, has increased the vehicle payload and range of activities and streamlined the vehicle operation. This is Jason's first upgrade of this magnitude since its second-generation launch in 2002; the original Jason was launched in 1988. The ROV is operated by WHOI for the nation's ocean scientists as part of the National Deep Submergence Facility. The upgrade has other added benefits as well. The heavy lift capability will be used at seafloor sites where several-hundred-meters-long sensor strings are routinely deployed into and recovered from seafloor bore holes.