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M. A. Stewart, Klein, E. M., and Karson, J. A., Geochemistry of dikes and lavas from the north wall of the Hess Deep Rift: Insights into the four-dimensional character of crustal construction at fast spreading mid-ocean ridges, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 107, p. Art. no. 2238, 2002.
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J. A. Karson, Klein, E. M., Hurst, S. D., Lee, C. E., and Rivizzigno, P. A., Structure of uppermost fast-spread oceanic crust exposed at the Hess Deep Rift: Implications for subaxial processes at the East Pacific Rise, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, vol. 3, p. 1002, 2002.